Oleg Khorev

New design

I just integrated a new design into Spa-Cart. Hope you like it. Nice banners, few more nice animations.

Oleg Khorev

Ajaxfied admin area

Recently made Admin area to be ajaxfied too.

90% of links are ajaxfied

80% of forms are ajaxfied.


So finally admin area works as SPA too

Oleg Khorev

SPA-Cart growing


Thank you for visiting our web-site.

Recent year was added much features to SPA-Cart.

Let me describe most good here

Oleg Khorev

Welcome to SPA-Cart

I write here about SPA-Cart idea. Future is came. Why not all sites to be Ajaxfied? Look on Google Plus - they are in our days and fully ajaxfied. So here SPA-Cart provides you ability to be same user friendly as most as it can be.