Good idea - Ajaxfied pages. But how to do?

Well - here you have solution from 12 years experienced developer who was growing as Ajax was growing.

Basically Ajax makes pages loaded without browser redirect. Here all URLs are supported. Links are absolute and native just like for Google and other Search Engines. Back-forward  browser buttons works perfect.

It's not only fast because of no browser reload - it is fast also because we load not all site parts like header and footer and all it's JS and CSS files.

In fact it can be hours of thinking how to make ajaxfied pages. As the solution I came to - I put all pages in the "pages" directory and call them from the "index.php" root script. Just if it was /product/1 page - then pages/product.php script is loaded with "1" product #ID. Next in same index.php I display just page content came from pages/product.php - and display it for Ajax request.

Well - it's over a year since SPA-Cart is here and it has many downloads and support questions. I did made ton of work already and more things are in plan since if I have customers - I am making platform grow more.

You can find SPA-Cart on CodeCanyon if you want to receive better support from me

Thank you for reading this post.