​​​​​​Hello to my blog, a valued customer.


A year I was not writing anything but was still doing changes over site.


  • Customer area many good changes

Animations, colors changes, logo changed, banners changed. Added more cool colors into design theme editor.

  • Admin area nice login page

Added good admin area login page with nice animations and colors.


  • Admin area design theme color

Found easy way to re-design admin area with custom color. Made admin area green as it looks very nice.


  • Nice green admin area with re-designed dashboard

Very nice dashboard came with recent updates.


  • Translate mode

Very easy to translate site now. Enable the Translate mode and you will see the "Edit" link next to each language variable. Clicking it I open popup and you just enter any text you like and it's saved.


  • Correcting spaces over site to look it more user friendly

We talked with Mariano and added good spaces over the site so it does not look too busy.